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Anime Art Club

Does your child have a passion for Anime and Manga?  Let Young Art instructors give them a focus on the characters and style they love while learning important art terminology and techniques!  Our instructors will take your students through six different popular Anime character designs, giving structure and focus to your students drawings, and providing insightful knowledge on methodology that will increase their overall aesthetic skills.

Step into the marvelous world of anime with a new character drawing guided by an instructor!

Learners will study the basics of Anime drawing, focusing on various facial expressions and styles as well as coloring and shading techniques.

This Anime Art Club is a place for young artists to share their anime artwork, interact with other budding artists and gain inspiration and prompts for drawing in the Japanese anime/manga style.


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Character Design Club

If your student creates their own characters and stories, Young Art’s Character Design Club will give them the tools and techniques to bring their concepts to the next level!  Our instructors will take your students through six different stages of character development, exploring options and encouraging student input to strengthen and support their unique vision for their original characters while showcasing techniques in shading, color, and form to increase their overall aesthetic skills.

Learn how to create interesting and visually appealing original characters with the guidance and feedback of a skilled instructor.

Students will further develop their own unique style using the fundamentals of strong character design, such as shapes, silhouette, asymmetry, color, and more in this interactive drawing series.

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Designer’s Focus

Learn painting fundamentals from the masters 

Does your student love to create?  Do they sculpt, paint, draw and experiment in all kinds of art mediums?  Young Art’s Designer’s Focus Club will give them the tools and techniques to get them talking and writing intelligently about art!  Our instructors will take your students through six different classes of Aesthetic Terminology, exploring the Elements and Principles of Design with a variety of media and techniques while working with your students to understand what makes a piece of art strong and how to tell what designs they like and why – while creating work and learning techniques that can build their skills in any medium.

The Elements of Design are important to understand for any student who hopes for a creative visual career – from costume and fashion designers to movie directors to animators and cartoonists.  Now, your student can learn about the Elements of Design in new and interactive ways with a lesson each week guided by a skilled instructor.

Learners will study the Elements of Design, focusing on recognizing and implementing each through real-world and personal experience. This class will help students understand art terminology, recognize it in the world around them, and implement it in their artwork – whatever form it may take.

This Designer’s Focus Club is a place for young designers to share their ideas and work, interact with other budding artists and gain inspiration and prompts for creating art by observing the use of design in the world around them.


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Cute Animal Drawing Club

If your student loves animals and drawing, Young Art’s Cute Animal Drawing Club will give them the tools to help them draw all kinds of adorable critters!  Our instructors will take your students through six different cute animals, each focusing on a different element or principle of design to help them understand techniques and methods for creating art. Your students will create memorable images they feel passionate about while learning important art concepts they can carry over to their own drawings for years to come!

In this weekly art club for animal lovers, learners will draw cute cartoon animals in an upbeat and engaging environment. Our instructors will discuss basic drawing techniques with step-by-step instruction. Using their imagination, students will also have the opportunity to explore adding backgrounds to their drawings. Students will also learn fun facts about the animal for the week and share their thoughts!


under the sea animation

Digital Animation Art Club

If your student is passionate about animation, Young Art’s Digital Animation Club will give them the tools and techniques to bring their ideas to life using the latest in digital design programming!  Our instructors will take your students through six different lessons to help them understand animation tools and techniques that they can use for years to come.  Students will explore different methods to imply movement in their drawings and create a variety of images that they can manipulate in thousands of different possibilities!

Join us for a fun and exciting digital animation club using procreate.
Learners will create simple undersea landscape animated GIF using iPads with the Procreate app and guidance from a skilled instructor.


Fashion Design

Fashion Design Art Club

Is your student a budding fashion designer?  Do they love to explore clothing options and dream of designing their own line?  Young Art’s Fashion Design Club will give them the skills to take their creations on the path to the runway!  Our instructors will take your students through six different star lessons that encourage experimentation and exploration, working with them to develop new and exciting trends.  This class explores the various skills necessary to design clothing on various figure forms,  while showcasing techniques in pattern, color, and contrast to increase their overall aesthetic skills.

Students will learn how to sketch fashion designs using basic shapes and shading techniques. Our instructors will discuss art concepts including soft strokes, values, proportions, shading, and blending. Students will also learn fundamentals in figure drawing, basic anatomy, proportions, and designer sketches. We will provide useful tips and techniques on how to draw textures such as fur, feathers, sequins, and ribbons. Once they build a solid foundation and keep practicing, they will be able to sketch a multitude of realistic designs with confidence.

This is an artistic journey for the learners into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking in the world of fashion illustration.