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September 27, 2023
Color & Balance - Symmetry Life in Space: Scientist- Picture yourself as a space scientist in our art class! Use bright colors and perfect symmetry to draw your self-portrait while you explore the mysteries of the universe. What kind of scientist will you be in space?
September 28, 2023
Value & Balance - Asymmetry- Life In Space: Pilot- Draw yourself as a space pilot in our art class, using shading and creative asymmetry to capture your cosmic adventures!
September 29, 2023
Balance - Symmetry- Life in Space: Technician- Craft a self-portrait with balanced symmetry to show yourself as a key player in space exploration. What tools will you wield in the depths of the cosmos?
September 30, 2023
Balance - Asymmetry- Life in Space: Scout- Capture your interstellar adventures with creative asymmetry and balance in your self-portrait. What secrets will you discover in the cosmos?
October 1, 2023
Line & Contrast- European Myths: Elves- Step into the magical world of European folklore in our art class! Use enchanting lines and bold contrasts to bring European elves to life in your illustrations. What kind of mystical elves will you create?
October 2, 2023
Shape & Contrast- European Myths: Centaurs and Chimera - Bring to life the intriguing creatures from European folklore like centaurs and chimeras using captivating shapes and striking contrasts in your illustrations. What fantastic hybrids will you imagine?
October 3, 2023
Form & Contrast- European Myths: Dwarves- Use three-dimensional forms and captivating contrasts to illustrate the mysterious dwarves from these age-old tales. How will you depict these legendary creatures?
October 4, 2023
Texture & Contrast- European Myths: Goblins- Create textured and contrasting illustrations of mischievous goblins, bringing these legendary creatures to life! What kind of goblin will you envision?
October 5, 2023
Value & Contrast- European Myths: Fae and Fairies- Use values and striking contrasts to illustrate the ethereal beings of European folklore like fae and fairies. How will you capture the enchantment of these legendary creatures in your artwork?
October 6, 2023
Color& Contrast- European Myths: European Dragons- Employ vibrant colors and bold contrasts to illustrate the majestic European dragons from folklore. How will you breathe life into these iconic mythical creatures in your artwork?
October 7, 2023
Space & Contrast- European Myths: Ghosts and Spirits- Use the concept of space and striking contrasts to illustrate the haunting ghosts and spirits from European folklore. How will you capture the eerie essence of these spectral entities in your artwork?
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