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July 21, 2024
Creative Home Designs
Igloos and Ice Homes
Journey to the Arctic as we explore the unique design of igloos and ice homes. Learn to create detailed structures that withstand the cold and capture the beauty of ice and snow. Discover the cultural significance and practical challenges of living in icy regions and design your own frosty retreat.
July 22, 2024
Exploring Maps
Game Maps
Embark on a virtual adventure as we explore the art of game map design. Learn to create detailed and engaging maps that guide players through various terrains and challenges. Discover the importance of layout, symbols, and storytelling in crafting immersive game environments.
July 23, 2024
Exploring Maps
Seasons Maps
Embark on a journey through the year as we map out the four seasons in one artistic composition. Capture the essence of each season with vibrant colors and detailed textures, creating a balanced representation of spring, summer, fall, and winter.
July 24, 2024
Exploring Maps
Street Maps
Navigate through neighborhoods and cityscapes as we design detailed and readable street maps. Learn to represent roads, landmarks, and public spaces with accurate line work and symbols.
July 25, 2024
Exploring Maps
Treasure Maps
Set off on a quest for hidden riches as we design imaginative and intriguing treasure maps. Learn to create maps that evoke a sense of adventure and mystery. Discover how to use storytelling in map design to lead explorers to hidden treasures.
July 26, 2024
Exploring Maps
Fantasy Maps
Transport yourself to imaginary worlds as we create detailed and creative fantasy maps. Learn to depict mythical landscapes, kingdoms, and magical landmarks with vibrant colors and intricate details.
July 27, 2024
Exploring Maps
World Maps
Travel the world without leaving your sketchpad as we draw detailed globes representing our planet Earth. Explore the geography of different continents and oceans, learning to depict landmasses and water bodies. Experiment with colors and shading to create a visually stunning and informative globe illustration.
July 28, 2024
Exploring Maps
Mind Maps
Unleash your creativity as we explore the art of mind mapping, visually representing thoughts and ideas. Learn to create clear and organized layouts that connect concepts with colors, symbols, and images. Discover how mind maps can enhance understanding, memory, and problem-solving skills.
July 29, 2024
Citrus Fruits
Kick off the week with a burst of color as we doodle vibrant citrus fruits. Learn to capture the freshness and zest of lemons, oranges, and limes with bright colors and fun shapes. Experiment with different doodling styles to create your own unique fruit designs.
July 30, 2024
Let’s get playful with doodles of our favorite feline friends. Learn to capture the charm and personality of cats with expressive faces and playful poses.
July 31, 2024
Perk up your day with delightful coffee-themed doodles. Learn to draw various coffee cups, mugs, and beans, and experiment with steam and latte art designs. Add depth and detail to your drawings with shading and include fun elements like saucers and pastries.
August 1, 2024
Super Heroes
Unleash your inner hero with dynamic super hero doodles. Learn to capture action poses and powerful expressions, experimenting with different costumes and accessories. Use bold lines and dramatic shading to bring your super heroes to life, complete with capes and masks.
August 2, 2024
Dive into the world of veggies with fun and quirky vegetable doodles. Learn to capture the unique shapes and textures of different vegetables, using vibrant colors and creative styles.
August 3, 2024
Satisfy your sweet tooth with delightful and colorful doodles of sweets. Learn to draw candies, pastries, and desserts, using bright colors and fun shapes. Experiment with different doodling styles and add tasty details like sprinkles and frosting to your sweet creations.
August 4, 2024
End the week with monstrous fun as we create imaginative and quirky monster doodles. Learn to draw unique and expressive monsters with different shapes and personalities.
August 5, 2024
Anime Portrait
Cute Girl
Kick off the week with a delightful anime portrait of a cute girl. Focus on capturing expressive eyes and youthful features, key elements in anime art. This project will help you understand the basic proportions and details that bring anime characters to life.
August 6, 2024
Anime Portrait
Charming Boy
Continue the journey with an anime portrait of a cute boy. Focus on boyish features and lively expressions to bring out his personality. This project will enhance your understanding of gender differences in anime art and help you create dynamic characters.
August 7, 2024
Anime Portrait
Curly Elegance
Add texture and movement to your art with an anime portrait of a curly-haired girl in green. Focus on capturing the volume and flow of curly hair while experimenting with color to enhance her character. This project will help you master the techniques needed for dynamic and textured hairstyles.
August 8, 2024
Anime Portrait
Intellectual Charm
Step into the world of intellectual charm with an anime portrait of a man with glasses. Focus on mature features and the details of his glasses to create a sophisticated look. This project will enhance your ability to draw accessories and convey personality through expressions.
August 9, 2024
Anime Portrait
Pretty in Pink
Embrace vibrant colors with an anime portrait of a girl in pink. Focus on playful features and experimenting with different shades of pink to bring her character to life. This project will help you master the use of color in anime art and create eye-catching designs.
August 10, 2024
Anime Portrait
Purple Sophistication
Explore sophistication with an anime portrait of a man in purple shades and clothes. Focus on achieving color harmony and stylish features to convey his character. This project will enhance your ability to design fashionable and sophisticated anime characters.
August 11, 2024
Anime Portrait
Hats Off
Finish the week with a chic anime portrait of a short-haired girl in a hat. Focus on integrating the hat with her hairstyle and creating a cohesive look. This project will help you develop skills in accessory placement and designing stylish, short hairstyles.
August 12, 2024
Elements of Nature
Begin your landscape journey by studying the key elements that make up a landscape. Focus on understanding and sketching the sky, land, water, and trees, using different techniques to capture both soft and hard elements. This foundation will prepare you for creating detailed and dynamic landscape compositions.
August 13, 2024
Composition and Perspective
Dive into the principles of composition and perspective to bring your landscapes to life. Practice creating depth and dimension by understanding how to arrange elements and use perspective techniques. These skills will help you make your landscapes look more realistic and engaging.
August 14, 2024
Capturing Light and Atmosphere
Learn how to capture the magic of natural lighting and atmosphere in your landscapes. Focus on techniques for depicting different lighting conditions and atmospheric effects through color mixing and harmony. This will help you create landscapes that convey a specific mood and time of day.
August 15, 2024
Natural Landscapes
Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by painting rural landscapes and natural scenes. Focus on capturing the textures and details of elements like trees, mountains, and rivers. This project will enhance your ability to create realistic and serene landscape paintings.
August 16, 2024
Urban Landscapes
Explore the dynamic world of cityscapes by sketching urban landscapes. Focus on capturing the architectural details and the unique atmosphere of urban environments. This project will help you develop skills in depicting the vibrancy and complexity of city life.
August 17, 2024
Art History and Landscape Artists
Delve into the history of landscape art by studying famous landscape artists and their contributions. Analyze different styles and techniques, and explore the historical context of various art movements. This will give you a deeper appreciation for landscape art and inspire your own work.
August 18, 2024
Contemporary Trends in Landscape Art
Conclude the week by exploring contemporary trends in landscape art. Study modern landscape artists and their unique approaches, and discuss how current trends influence landscape art today. Use this inspiration to create a landscape piece that reflects contemporary styles and your personal touch.
August 19, 2024
Comics Making
Character Design
Kick off your comic-making adventure by designing a unique character. Focus on proportions, expressions, and distinctive features to bring your character to life. Experiment with different costumes and accessories to create a memorable hero or villain for your comic.
August 20, 2024
Comics Making
Studying Comic Elements, Layout, and Effects
Dive into the world of comic elements and layouts. Study the use of panels, speech bubbles, and visual effects to enhance your storytelling. Experiment with different layouts to understand the importance of pacing and flow in comics.
August 21, 2024
Comics Making
Story Planning and Layout
Plan your comic story with a detailed storyboard and layout. Focus on developing a compelling plot and pacing your story effectively. Create a clear and engaging layout for your comic pages, setting the stage for the artwork to come.
August 22, 2024
Comics Making
Drawing the Comic Pages
Bring your comic to life by creating detailed line sketches for your pages. Focus on clarity and consistency in your drawings, using clean lines to define the action and scenes.
August 23, 2024
Comics Making
Adding Color
Add a splash of color to your comic pages using various coloring techniques. Focus on color theory and shading to enhance the visual appeal and mood of your comic.
August 24, 2024
Comics Making
Adding Text
Enhance your comic with dialogue, narration, and sound effects. Learn the basics of lettering and typography, and experiment with different styles of speech bubbles and captions. Integrate text seamlessly into your comic pages to improve storytelling and readability.
August 25, 2024
Comics Making
Adding Backgrounds
Finish your comic by adding detailed and engaging backgrounds to your pages. Learn techniques for drawing various settings and use perspective to create depth. Integrate backgrounds seamlessly with your characters and action to create a cohesive and immersive comic.
August 26, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Pointillism: Starfish on a Beach
Dive into the world of pointillism by creating a colorful starfish on a beach. Learn how to use dots of color to build a cohesive and vibrant scene. Discover the techniques of blending and shading with pointillism to bring your artwork to life.
August 27, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Monochrome Art: Duck in a Pond
Explore the simplicity and elegance of monochrome art by drawing a duck in a pond. Focus on using a single color and its shades to create depth and contrast. Discover how value and contrast can enhance your artwork even with a limited palette.
August 28, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Tessellation: Platypus
Dive into the fascinating world of tessellation by creating a repeating pattern featuring a platypus. Learn how to design geometric shapes that fit together seamlessly. Discover the beauty of patterns and repetition in art.
August 29, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Cubism: Cat
Explore the abstract world of cubism by drawing a cat in a fragmented and geometric style. Learn how to break down forms into shapes and depict multiple perspectives. Discover the unique beauty of cubist art and its emphasis on abstraction.
August 30, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Realism: Rose
Embrace the art of realism by drawing a detailed and accurate representation of a rose in a glass. Focus on observation, shading, and blending to create a lifelike image. Discover the techniques that make realistic art so compelling and true to life.
August 31, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Surrealism: Giraffe
Step into the dreamlike world of surrealism by drawing a giraffe tree. Focus on combining realistic and fantastical elements to create an imaginative scene. Discover the power of surrealism in conveying deeper meanings through symbolism and imagination.
September 1, 2024
Explore the Art Styles
Impressionism: Fields View
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of impressionism by drawing a fields view. Focus on capturing light and movement with expressive strokes and colors. Discover how impressionist techniques can convey mood and atmosphere in your artwork.
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