Young Art’s dedicated team of art educators are passionate about creativity and have mastered the coaching skills to deliver an engaging learning adventure.  
We believe that the most powerful discoveries which will one day change the world begin with a simple idea. 

Cultivating Thinkers

When a child’s imagination is ignited to envision limitless possibilities and they are purposefully encouraged to be bold thinkers, experiment without fear, solve problems with originality and bring their inventive ideas to life through art, they embark on a journey exploring how their creations can deliver joy or help others. 

Our Instructors

Young Art’s teaching team is committed to guiding students through the fundamentals of skill-building with creative design tools and an intuitive syllabus.
The methodology of sparking inspiration and confidence growth are aligned to benefit each student’s progression from foundational elements to advanced concepts in a distinctive and interactive educational experience. 
We hope you will join us.