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House Of Fashion Art Club

Rate: $38.95/session
Each session is for 60 minutes of in-person art lesson.
Lessons will be held at our Valley Fair Studio.

Fashion Design Art Club

Is your student a budding fashion designer? Do they love to explore clothing options and dream of designing their own line? Young Art’s Fashion Design Club will give them the skills to take their creations on the path to the runway! Our instructors will take your students through six different star lessons that encourage experimentation and exploration, working with them to develop new and exciting trends. This class explores the various skills necessary to design clothing on various figure forms, while showcasing techniques in pattern, color, and contrast to increase their overall aesthetic skills.

Students will learn how to sketch fashion designs using basic shapes and shading techniques. Our instructors will discuss art concepts including soft strokes, values, proportions, shading, and blending. Students will also learn fundamentals in figure drawing, basic anatomy, proportions, and designer sketches. We will provide useful tips and techniques on how to draw textures such as fur, feathers, sequins, and ribbons. Once they build a solid foundation and keep practicing, they will be able to sketch a multitude of realistic designs with confidence.

This is an artistic journey for the learners into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking in the world of fashion illustration.