Limitless School Recess Day Camp – Hillsdale

Rate: $89.95 day camp

11am – 2pm OR 1pm – 4pm

Enjoy an array of camp modalities in our in-person Day Camp.

Join us on this all-encompassing artistic adventure as your learner practices First Principles learning and explores:


Learn essential sketching skills, practice proportions, study shading, and identify simple shapes within complex subjects. 

Break the rules with tricks of the trade as taught by the art masters!


Be immersed in digital illustration techniques and principles using Procreate! 

Deepen your understanding of composition, color theory, character design, and more. 

Study various painting techniques, understand the principles of shading and light and get to know the Procreate app with guidance from a knowledgeable instructor.


Create a masterpiece one brushstroke at a time! 

Use layers to add depth, colors to add contrast, and learn techniques to add details that make your art piece stand out.


Build your favorite characters, animals, landscapes, and more in 3D form! 

Use malleable air dry clay to mix unique colors, mold simple shapes, and create your sculpture one step at a time.


Ignite your inner scientist with explosively fun experiments! 

Make independent discoveries, study the scientific process, and engineer from your imagination.

Challenge yourself to try new things, ask questions, and think outside of the box.


Tap into your creative genius as you transform simple materials into works of art! 

Turn paper into notebooks, cardboard into houses, or popsicle sticks into a musical instrument. Let your creativity run wild as you invent from scratch!


*activities vary from day to day

Camps are highly interactive and students will have the opportunity to socialize, play games and share their ideas in a fun and upbeat environment.