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Digital Animation Art Club

Digital Animation Using Procreate Club

Join us for a fun and exciting digital animation club using procreate.
Learners will create simple undersea landscape animated GIF on their iPads using the Procreate app with guidance from a live instructor.

Theme: Under the Sea
Week 1/6: Introduction (Procreate Features, brushes, and shortcuts.)
Week 2/6: Character Animation (Making main character such as fish, Jellyfish, etc.
Week 3/6: Layering and Shading Animation (Creating Corals other sea creatures)
Week 4/6: Explore Creativity Animation (Making the Fish Move Across the Screen)
Week 5/6: Explore Creativity Animation (Making the Corals and other sea creatures move)
Week 6/6: Multi Movement Animation (Combining the whole underwater scene)

Please note that at this time, Procreate is only available for Apple devices.
Students MUST have the Procreate app installed on their device prior to class to participate.


Digital Animation Art Club
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This is a 6-week art series. Students meet once every Saturday.
Time: 5:30 PM -6:30 PM
Important Note: We will need 5 kids enrolled to form a club and start the sessions.