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Alpha Quest Camp

Camp will be held on the following dates. Let us know which you can attend.
April 1 – April 5
April 6
April 7
April 8 – April 12
April 13
April 14
April 15 – April 19
April 20
April 21

If registering more than 1 camper, list all birthdays here.

– I give permission for my child to take part in all Camp activities, including but not limited to, a field trip to the Apple studio for art workshop, the CPK patio, and activities on mall premises

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We’ve partnered with Alpha School to bring you a limitless adventure that unlocks your learner’s potential.

Dive headfirst into robotics, learn to pilot a drone, immerse yourself in a VR Mars Terraforming Mission, build and launch a water rocket, and take part in the Design Thinking classes you know and love!

Step into a reimagined camp experience as your learners combine art and engineering for an inspiring STEAM journey where campers are challenged, learn life skills, discover new passions, and achieve ambitious goals.

Camp Times:

10:30AM – 1:30PM (3 Hours)

2:00PM – 5:00PM (3 Hours)

10:30AM – 5:00PM (6 Hours)

Ignite your child’s limitless potential with the Spring 2024 Alpha Quest—an adventure-themed journey of learning and leadership. Through project based activities in robotics, coding, science, and art students will develop essential life skills while embracing the charge of leading the way in an ever-evolving world.

Campers will get the opportunity to experience:


Exploration Challenges & Missions in VR

An engaging opportunity to experience simulations, strategy games, and embark on immersive virtual adventures. 

Drone Navigation Challenge

Campers will use tablets to manually control drones, guiding them through a course of suspended hoops. 

Drone Delivery Simulation

Utilize drones equipped with a 3D-printed attachment designed to carry small plastic tags, simulating a delivery system. Campers will pilot the drones through a series of hoops, demonstrating how drones can be used in real-world applications like medicine delivery or search and rescue operations.

Autonomous Drone Aerobatics

In the Autonomous Drone Aerobatics activity, students will program drones using tablets to perform a series of complex maneuvers.

Circuit Wonders: Bright Beginnings Circuit Board

Engage in creating simple circuits using electrical snap circuits that are safe for children. Light up a small bulb or play sounds, providing an interactive introduction to electricity and circuitry.

Gear Up Grand Prix: Little Racers Workshop

Dive into the world of engineering by building small racers equipped with simple gearboxes.

Scratch & Scratch Jr.

In Code Masters, students of all ages learn the techniques of block coding in Scratch & Scratch Jr. to code their own mini games and interactive apps. They’ll follow a MIT-based curriculum to build out and adapt their programs into products of their own imagination. Students will be on their own, learning the fundamentals of independent learning through the interactive process of game design, setting them on a path to becoming confident problem-solvers and thinkers. The final product will be a game they can share with their friends and parents, filled with their own creativity.


On GenAI Day, students will learn to use adaptive AI apps to create an artistic portfolio of their own. This unique program is split into two thrilling activities. First, students will use RunwayML to craft short video clips straight from their imaginations. Then, they’ll dive into the world of Dall-E to create a stunning portfolio of artwork. But that’s not all—beyond developing digital masterpieces, campers will learn the invaluable life skill of giving and receiving feedback.

After each creation phase, students will present their work to their peers, engaging in constructive discussions that will teach them how to refine their ideas and improve their final outputs. This iterative process not only enhances their artistic and technical skills but also builds their communication and critical thinking abilities. By the day’s end, students will proudly showcase their enhanced portfolios and videos, highlighting their progress and the power of collaborative feedback. Join us for a day where technology, art, and personal growth intertwine, and watch your child’s creativity soar to new heights.

Grit Day

The Grit Gauntlet activity is designed to push students aged 4-13 to their limits through a series of engaging and brain-teasing challenges. Participants will embark on a solo journey to conquer three distinct trials: mastering the art of handkerchief juggling, solving the intricate 2×2 Rubik’s Cube, and tackling the daunting task of completing an “impossible” puzzle.

But the Grit Gauntlet is more than just a test of skill—it’s a deep dive into the heart of resilience. As students navigate each obstacle, they’ll discover the true meaning of grit, learning to face setbacks with courage and keep pushing forward, no matter the odds. This powerful experience not only enhances their problem-solving and coordination skills but also instills a lifelong mindset of persistence and tenacity.


Supercharged Design Thinking sessions place learners in the driver’s seat of discovering breakthrough solutions for problems and proposing innovative approaches to improving upon how we exist. By pushing the boundaries of creative expression, learners are challenged to sketch a thought that leads to inventing new methods, processes, and technologies.


Learn essential sketching skills, practice proportions, study shading, and identify simple shapes within complex subjects. Break the rules with tricks of the trade as taught by the art masters!


Bring magical stories to life with hand-drawn animations! Explore lines, shapes, and colors using loopable time and rhythm. Dive into this new form of art with step-by-step guidance from an engaging guide.


Be immersed in digital illustration techniques and principles using Procreate! Deepen your understanding of composition, color theory, character design, and more. Study various painting techniques, understand the principles of shading and light, and get to know the Procreate app with guidance from a knowledgeable guide.


Create a masterpiece one brushstroke at a time! Use layers to add depth, colors to add contrast, and learn techniques to add details that make your art piece stand out.


Build your favorite characters, animals, landscapes, and more in 3D form! Use malleable air-dry clay to mix unique colors, mold simple shapes, and create your sculpture one step at a time.


Ignite your inner scientist with explosively fun experiments! Make independent discoveries, study the scientific process, and engineer from your imagination. Challenge yourself to try new things, ask questions, and think outside of the box.


Tap into your creative genius as you transform simple materials into works of art! Turn paper into notebooks, cardboard into houses, or popsicle sticks into a musical instrument. Let your creativity run wild as you invent from scratch!

Slime Making

Learn the essentials of slime, from choosing the right ingredients to achieving the perfect consistency. Experiment with various textures, from fluffy to crunchy, and colors to create unique and satisfying slime sensations.


Grit & Growth Mindset

Teamwork & Socialization


Giving & Receiving Feedback

Critical Thinking

*Activities vary from day to day