Young art

Over the past nine years, Young Art has provided communities with a vibrant outlet for creativity as a children’s drop off art studio, activating experiential spaces in shopping centers.

Our knowledgeable team of energetic teachers conducts spectacular classes, camps, field trips, and birthday parties with engaging activities and an inspiring atmosphere.

imagination & art to life

Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible.

 – Maryann F. Kohl

Our Story

Young Art is on a mission to serve learners everywhere by providing world-class art instruction, online and in person. Students are encouraged to be courageous and use bold creativity to practice problem-solving which will prepare them to make impact.  Young Art celebrates experimentation, sparks the makings of lifelong adventurers, and lays the foundation for innovative thought processes that develop independent, unconventional leaders.


We are devoted to delivering an incredible virtual class experience that engages children in the comfort of their homes and enables parents to maintain work productivity.
The Young Art staff is dedicated to pursuing its mission to provide equitable art education for all children.