Online Summer Day Camp


Join us for a remarkable summer!

All Summer, Young Art will give your students a chance to develop their creativity while encouraging them to explore their community and make a difference in the world around them! Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (, students will create a series of art projects that manifest future possibilities and their power to shape their place in the world.

Campers will learn the tools they need to begin their artistic journey into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking in the world of art and craft.

Our camp is designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for children to explore their creativity and learn new art techniques.

Join us on this all-encompassing artistic adventure as your learner creates their own characters and build an exciting story within their composition.

Kids will be able to design their own:

– Postcards

– Stamp

– Billboard advertisement

– Comic page

– Children’s storybook

Our teacher will begin with basic shape recognition for each project and will then move on to advanced design techniques using a variety of materials to inspire your student and work with art vocabulary like the elements and principles of design to bring their piece together for artwork that challenges and inspires.

Choose Your Days! Students meet online with a live skilled art guide 9:00 am – 10:30 am PST California time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Students can log in with our unique Zoom account, and participate in the camp using any traditional materials, 3D sculpting, or computer programs they may want to create their unique take on the challenges of the future

Below are the material you will need to prepare for the camp:

– paper

– pencil

– eraser

– coloring tools of your choice ( crayons, coloring pencils, markers, pastels, or paint with a water cup and brushes)

Rules for joining the class:

  • Please keep your microphone muted
  • Raise your hand if you have a question
  • Show your art up close to the camera when asked to share progress
  • No recording the lesson out of respect to other students
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