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Cupixel kit; brush holder, brushes, pencils, set of 12 assorted paints, phone stand, set of 12 cupixel canvas squares for drawing, canvas frame, wash cloth, canvas placement pad, set of 3 containers to store paint

Cupixel Art Box


Cupixel takes you by the hand and guides you through the art process step by step using augmented Reality technology. This art-box contains the premium art tools you need to paint your artwork.


You can paint 1 artwork with this art box. The app is free.  All the art tools you get in the box are reusable. You can paint any photo you upload from your device.
The free Cupixel app is your painting teacher. No previous talent or knowledge needed. The app comes with built-in 24/7 chat support for any question you might have.
The app is available for Android and iOS.

A Cupixel box contains over $100 worth of premium art materials and tools:

12 Cupixel Canvases
12 Paint Tubes
2 Premium Brushes
1 Premium Device Stand
1 Black Metal Frame
2 Premium Pencils
1 Black Marker
1 Brush Holder
1 Microfiber Wipe
3 Paint Containers
1 Eraser
1 Sharpener
1 Painting Pad
1 Free Cupixel app