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It’s no secret that our world faces unprecedented challenges that our kids will be at the epicenter of as adults. To lead positive impact and be the change-makers their world will require, they need to develop capacity and practice key capabilities now, so they can successfully tackle tough issues facing humanity.

The passionate educators behind Camp Future X are inspired to bring kids everywhere the best courses they have spent decades creating. These world class teachers are ready to share their experiments, show how to be a creator for the social good, and demonstrate the way design can be a catalyst for transformative innovation.

Camp Future X provides emboldened learning experiences that expose kids to real-world challenges, teaches them to cultivate critical thinking skills, fearlessly innovate with an unlimited mindset, and practice servant leadership in their daily lives.

Multi-disciplinary courses are specifically curated to hone the necessary skills needed to solve global-scale problems of the next century.

We hope your learner will join us on this extraordinary journey powered by an expert consigliere of future-focused educators as we celebrate how imagination combined with skill can bring to life meaningful solutions that have power to improve the lives of others around the world.

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Meet your Instructors, world-class industry experts and futurists: 

Dan Lakis was the Vice Principal and a founding teacher at Ad Astra School on the campus of SpaceX for 6 years. Leveraging Dan’s industry-tested data analysis experience, the Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) lessons are designed to grow student’s data science and problem solving skills. These sessions will focus on the foundational skills necessary to do data analysis in Google Sheets while the advanced courses will be based in industry standard data science coding languages (SQL and Python). Equally important to Dan, he will use the concepts in 3DM and his near decade-long teaching experience to coach students on communication, accountability, and how to actively pursue a growth mindset.

Art Cadets is on a mission to unleash the creative genius within every child. Inspiring bold design as a pathway for solving complex problems, guiding powerful learning adventures, and exploring how art can deliver joy that impacts others for good. Art Masters will be leading innovative Design Thinking courses. Through an immersive online learning experience, Cadets are encouraged to share their boldest solutions to real-life problems, working in collaboration with team members from around the world. Encouraging innovative thinking, Art Cadets places young learners into the driver’s seat of impactful global change.

Dr. Chris Ferrie is the creator and author of Quantum Physics for Babies and many more science books for young learners. He has now published more than 40 books in English, introducing complex subjects to children with simple illustrations. He will be offering Everyday Science and Quantum Physics lessons via on-demand video. 

Dr. Trudi Hoogenboom is a Planetary Scientist and Planetary Science teacher with a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Leeds. Dr. Trudi has worked as a research scientist at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, and the Arctic Planetary Science Institute.  She co-authored the first topographic map of Io,  the first geological map of 4Vesta and also sits on various NASA proposal funding panels. 

Dr. Trudi joined Ad Astra/Astra Nova, the school founded by Elon Musk and Josh Dahn at Space X, teaching learners around the world to use professional-grade astrophysical software to find main-belt asteroids, create peer-review publishable research projects including AI detection of craters on the Moon, glacier mapping on Mars and various cave identification and Ganymede-related projects. Her Astra Nova Asteroid Search Team students who locate previously unidentified asteroids are listed with NASA’s minor planet center as the discoverer and granted naming rights. Dr. Trudi will be teaching live classes in planetary science. 

Julia Brodsky, former NASA astronaut trainer, writer for Forbes, and lecturer in astrobiology at the University of Maryland- introduces young learners to space exploration, astrobiology, and artificial intelligence as a way to develop their scientific reasoning, systems thinking and questioning skills. Julia will be leading live classes in space science.

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December 19-December 23, December 26-December 30