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Art Kit

Art kit for Carolyn Clark Elementary’s art lesson program!

This Art Kit includes:

  • 5 pc Water Pastel set
  • 2 pack air dry clay

*clay brand and colors may vary

** Last day to order is 1/18/2021



Package includes:

5 Piece Water Pastel set:

Vibrant water-based art crayon with soft texture for smooth glide-on application.

2 Packs of air-dry clay:

An exciting, non-toxic modeling material that is easily manipulated and joined to make any form or shape. Non-crumbling and doesn’t cling to skin or room surfaces. It can be attached to plastic, wood, cardboard, and other materials. Easily paintable after it has dried for 24 hours. Dries to a resilient consistency within 24-36 hours, without kiln firing.

*Art kits will be delivered to Carolyn Clark Elementary school. Last day to order is 1/18/2021.