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8/18/2022 Learn to Digital Art Lesson: Mr. Minecraft Digital Drawing @4:30PM(PST)

August 18th at 4:30 PM PST

60 Minute Art class led by a live instructor.

Ages 7+



Join Us For An Art Lesson!

Beginner Level Digital Art is designed to complete a digital drawing in a 60-minute lesson.
No prior knowledge of digital art is required.

1. Introduce students to the Sketchbook software
2. Explain the basics of drawing including the tools, layers, undo, color options, opacity options, etc. A symmetry tool is recommended.
3. Students will practice drawing simple 3D shapes such as spheres, cubes, and pyramids.
4. Using a pencil or brush tool, students will learn to draft a rough sketch of the composition.
5. Student will draw on top, sketching out the simple shapes (rectangles, triangles, and circles) that make up the character
6. Students will add a layer on top to add line art to the sketched-out shapes.
7. Students will add a layer underneath to add color to the line art and finish the illustration.
8. Students will learn to use the Color Picker tool.

What you will need:
Autodesk Sketchbook or Procreate downloaded on your device or similar digital art program
a phone or computer with Zoom ( installed to attend class
Paper, pencil, Eraser (If you prefer to do the class traditionally instead of digitally)

All lessons are held virtually in real-time online in California Pacific Standard Time.

Rules for joining the class:
• Please keep your microphone muted
• Raise your hand if you have a question
• Show your art up close to the camera when asked to share progress
• No recording the lesson out of respect to other students

*Class is non-refundable but may be transferred to a different class or different family.