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8/28/2022 Learn to Sketch Art Lesson: Dolphin @11AM(PST)

August 28th at 11:00 AM PST

60 Minute Art class led by a live instructor.

Ages 5+



Join Us For An Art Lesson!

Students will learn the rules and techniques of facial feature placements and art concepts including soft strokes, values, proportions, shading and blending.

All lessons are held virtually in real time online in California Pacific Standard Time.

What you will need for sketching:
• paper
• pencil
• eraser
• Q-tip for smudging
• a phone or computer with Zoom ( installed to attend class

Rules for joining the class:
• Please keep your microphone muted
• Raise your hand if you have a question
• Show your art up close to the camera when asked to share progress
• No recording the lesson out of respect to other students

*Class is non-refundable but may be transferred to a different class or different family.