Virtual After School Art Clubs

From Young Art to Everyone

image of student holding painting of the incredibles

Our virtual lessons offer students a chance to experience the art club of their choice, building skills, and gaining friends along the way.

Each 4-week series meets once per week with new lesson plans and varied modalities to expand the learner’s understanding of core art concepts. We are offering clubs for an array of subjects such as: Pokemon, Animal Sketching, Unicorn & Princess, Clay Sculpting, Fashion Design, Cartooning, and Anime. 

image of student holding artwork of pokemon
art student on iMac computer drawing a cartoon character in green

Enjoy cartooning favorite characters, practice pencil sketching, or use clay to sculpt cute Pokemon.

young art student with teacher making art

Join Us!

Join the Young Art instructors on an explorative creating adventure. Classes are offered after school & on weekends.